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When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you’ll need to meet eligibility requirements for benefits. Anyone on a fixed income who can’t work due to a disability needs sufficient income to survive. Determining the amount of your benefits is complex and depends on your unique work experience and contributions to Social Security or FICA during your employment. The severity of a disability is not a consideration when calculating SSDI benefits.

The SSA uses your official earnings records to determine your SSDI benefits amount. They look at your lifetime average covered earnings before you became disabled. In this case, “covered” means the earnings at your jobs where your employer deducted money from your wages to pay into Social Security or FICA on your W2 statement and tax filings.

Average SSDI Monthly Payment

In 2023, the SSA 8.7% COLA increased the average monthly SSDI benefit by $119, increasing it from $1,364 to $1,483, helping to offset inflation. The SSA online benefits calculator, available through your my Social Security account, lets you estimate your benefit amount. However, there are other considerations.

Other Government Benefits Can Reduce Your SSDI Benefit

If you currently receive other government benefits, it may reduce your SSDI benefit amount. Certain sources of income can affect your payment, including:

  • Public disability benefits
  • Worker’s compensation
  • A pension via employment not covered by Social Security, like a government or foreign government pension

Our firm looks at your current benefits to determine how they might affect an SSDI claim and ensure you’re receiving the maximum payment possible. There may be other programs that make more sense.

Retroactive Payments

Filing a claim to receive SSDI can be a lengthy process. Once the SSA approves your application and calculates your monthly benefit, you may be eligible to receive a back pay award. The back pay date depends on the day you applied for benefits and the date your disability began, as determined by the SSA.

There is a lot at stake when applying for SSDI benefits and assessing your monthly payment. A skilled Social Security disability attorney at Sandberg, Stettler, & White can ensure your application is correct and complete, streamlining approval and helping you receive the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible. There are no upfront costs to file or appeal your claim.

Our estate planning attorneys can help you and your loved ones understand estate planningMedicaid long-term care planningcrisis Medicaid planningVA planningspecial needs planning, and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). With offices in Kaysville and South Jordan, our Utah law firm welcomes the opportunity to consult with new clients in Davis, Weber, Salt Lake, Utah, and surrounding counties to learn more about how we can help meet your estate planning and asset protection needs.

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